NINE NUMBERS is a brand, community and premium clothing subscription service available exclusively to its Members

-personalised product-
each season members will receive products personalised with their unique nine number identifier

only members will ever have access to these products

-a community-
membership unlocks privileges including community forums, brands partnership deals and more


1. Apply to join NINE NUMBERS

2. NINE NUMBERS review applications every month and only accept a limited number of new Members on each occasion
- a referral from an existing Member gives priority

3. Upon acceptance into the community you will need to choose your very own unique NINE NUMBERS
- this cannot be changed so make sure you’re happy with your choice*

4. You will then be prompted to complete your online profile and account information

5. The Members section of the website is then unlocked
- You can now access exclusive privileges including community forums, brand partnership deals and more

6. Look out for your “Welcome Pack” in the post along with your very first NINE NUMBERS personalised item

7. Each season you will receive two NINE NUMBERS branded clothing items
- each product personalised with your unique NINE NUMBERS identifier making these items one of a kind
- designs will change and will only ever be released once


An admin fee is paid upon acceptance and then a direct debit set up for rolling Membership**

One-off Admin Fee - £100
Rolling Subscription Fee (Seasonal/ Quarterly) - £300

(For applications received before End May 2024)
50% off Admin Fee
25% off Subscription Fee for life

* Your first choice may not be available

** Minimum 6 months Membership